Actual Title Buttons

Actual Title Buttons 8.14

A utility that provides extra buttons for Windows title bar
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Actual Title Buttons is a very interesting and useful application that extends the capabilities of a window. It does so by adding supplementary buttons to the title bar (right next to the minimize, maximize and close buttons). It also extends the window menu that drops down when you click in the upper left corner.

The list of features added by this utility to any typical application window is very generous. Some of them are accessible even without this program’s help (like setting the process priority which can be done from the Task Manager) while others are not (e.g. making a window semitransparent or minimizing it to the system tray).

The default settings are good enough but this piece of software allows you to customize the extra buttons and menus in every little detail. If you use some window operations often, you can set shortcut keys for those actions for even faster access.

The trial version has all the functionalities unlocked and the price for the full version license is very affordable.

In conclusion, this is an excellent product that makes your work with windows much easier.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Integrates perfectly
  • Suggestive buttons
  • Shortcut keys supported
  • Makes complicated operations much easier
  • Helps you organize your windows efficiently
  • Very low price for a license


  • None
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